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Moisture in Transformer Oil


“Oil and water don’t mix” is a common saying and a scientific fact. But oil and moisture do mix! So how is it that moisture, which is also water, can mix with oil?

Why do I mention this?

Because I tuned into a webinar last week with a title that caught my attention, “Moisture in Transformer Oil”, to find out this is something that is very important to know about, if we want to keep our lights on!

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Saving money on kitchen appliances (and save a bit of the environment)

Tricity Bendix Dishwasher

Dishwasher Controller Box

Having one of those years when everything electrical goes wrong? I’m pretty sure most of you have had at least one of these in your lifetime. Ours was over the past 12 months. I confess at this point that this article has little to do with moisture, only to say “it never rains but it pours”. Dishwasher only running for a few minutes on a run then stopping; Fan oven tripping out all the electricity when turned on; TV screen with a line down the left hand side; A burning smell when the electric shower is on. Honestly, I’m not making this up, all these things happened in the past year. Sounds like an expensive time? Continue reading

Wearable technology for temperature and moisture

My second Guest Article from Sensirion

Imagine this, if you are young, or remember this, if you are not so young, a world without mobile phones! Awful, how on earth did we communicate? We managed somehow but now we are virtually in constant communication with our world. A vast choice of Apps takes us to a whole new level of interaction with our mobiles. This article by Sensirion on wearable devices talks about the next step in our relationship with the technology that we carry around with us every day. Getting this to work for measuring the moisture around our body, we are talking “State-of-the-Art” technology. Continue reading

Guest Article – Automatic Climate Control in Vehicle Seats Increases Comfort

My first guest article

Here is the very first guest article on Moir’s Moisture Matters blog. It is reproduced below by kind permission from Sensirion, an innovative Swiss company that I’ve known for many years and had the pleasure of visiting over ten years ago. They gave me a present of a small temperature and humidity measuring device that I used to take with me to my early moisture interaction talks and pass around my audience. My point was that our bodies are much more sensitive to temperature than humidity changes. Most of the time you simply cannot guess the humidity and so are unaware that a change has happened and therefore have no feel or warning of its impact on the things around you. An area where this is important and even critical is handling and working with materials that react to moisture, which is the main topic of my talks.

By some strange quirky coincidence, my first guest article from Sensirion talks about temperature and humidity control in vehicles and at my first school talk the teacher told me that he used the misting up of windows when travelling in a car as a way of introducing the students to humidity. Recently Sensirion have released the world’s smallest humidity and temperature sensor and I mean really small. Their article below talks about how these sensors go way beyond just measuring humidity and are integrated into rapid feedback systems to make the vehicle’s environment more comfortable for the driver and passengers. Continue reading

Predicting the Future

My prediction

Predicting Rainfall from Moisture

Predicting rainfall

Six years ago I predicted the heavy rainfall that that has hit Ireland and the rest of the British Isles over the past few days.

I am not a clairvoyant, I don’t even have a crystal ball. Using some basic principles that I describe in the first two chapters of my eBook A Wet Look At Climate Change I wrote about the consequences of global warming and the likely event of extreme weather hitting us. Of course I was not alone in this prediction. It comes as no surprise to those that know the principles that we are seeing heavy rain and feeling the effect of storm following storm.

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Climate Change A Different View

Climate change in the news

Climate Change Issue

National Geographic November 2015

Black smoke billowing out, dark skies, hurricanes, floods, these are the images presented in the news that stick in my mind from climate change bulletins. Paris is the focus for international climate change discussions this week and next with a timely opportunity for all the countries involved to come away with a positive forward looking outcome.

The extent that humans are responsible for global warming and the difficult politics of controlling carbon emissions is not within my scope of expertise. I take the consensus of climate scientists and trust the data that tells you that our planet is warming too quickly. My next logical step is to say this must have consequences. Continue reading