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Moisture – an essential part of microwaveable warmers

What’s his name?

Owl microwaveable warmer

His name is Twitt


“Think of a name” I asked. With a great stretch of imagination he was christened Twitt! Fantastic, the latest addition to our family of microwaveable warmers. We were just putting away the last of the Christmas presents and Twit was being taken out of his packaging when I heard “what’s the instructions?” Why on earth would you need instructions? Taking the path of least resistance I read out the instructions. And would you believe it, instantly I had another topic for my blog.….

What’s Green, Slippery and Dangerous?

That could be the start of a kid’s playground joke. If it is I cannot find the punchline. Actually, it’s not a joke, it’s something that can have quite serious consequences.

Wooden problem

Moisture in oak flooring

Wood flooring

Oak Wood Floor

Oak wood flooring. Looks fantastic, feels solid to walk on and does not give a home to cat/dog fleas or house mites. Oak is heavy and hard and when laid down on top of a concrete floor you would think it should be pretty much rooted in place. Most of the time it does just sit under your feet just as solid as you would imagine. That is until the tiniest little thing called a water molecule invades the oak, not just a single one but, in fact, billions of them, known as moisture. When this happens the wood expands and the lovely solid oak floor becomes a springboard. We experienced this in our bedroom where the wooden boards had pushed against each other and we could see them buckling up. The curve was so great that it stopped a door opening! We had not spilled any water or had a flood, so what happened?

Alphabet Weather

Wild, wild weather!

Umbrella and weather

U is for……?

Heinz alphabet spaghetti, a distant memory from my youth and something that just popped into mind when watching yesterday’s wild, wild weather.

Strange connection to make between these two you may think? Not in my brain!

To give you a clue, what’s the connection between Desmond, Abigail, Clodagh, Frank, Eva and Barney?

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