A beautiful sunset in Edinburgh – Dec 2016

From Chemistry and Molecular Biology to Moisture

Hello, I was born in Edinburgh too many years ago. Since 1999 I have worked as an independent pharmaceutical consultant in Ireland. I am also director and owner of Relequa Analytical Systems Limited, a company in Ireland set up to specifically provide an analytical tool for looking at moisture interactions in materials.

I left Tynecastle Secondary school a bit less than too many years ago. After doing a brief stint at Aberystwyth University to study microbiology, I moved onto Huddersfield Polytechnic, now Huddersfield University, where I found that I was better suited to studying the more fundamental aspects of life.

Chemistry was something I easily took to at school and in hindsight maybe should have carried on directly to third level education. In the end I obtained a degree in Applied Chemistry and Biochemistry. Returning to my native Edinburgh I did a doctorate degree in Molecular Biology. In 2009 – 2010 I attended the South East Enterprise Platform Program at Waterford Institute of Technology and was awarded a postgraduate diploma in Enterprise Development.

A World of Moisture

Over the many years I’ve worked in research and product development within the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, large and small. My interest in moisture first started from working in the pharmaceutical industry and I set out to gain a much deeper understanding of the interaction of moisture and materials. Relequa Analytical Systems Limited was born out this interest and continues to research into the fundamental nature of moisture interactions.

Encouraged by friends and colleagues I wrote a short book called A Wet Look At Climate Change subtitled, Hurricanes to House Mites, and covered a range of topics of general interest to me as suggested by the subtitle. A Wet Look At Climate Change is free to download from BookBoon, http://bookboon.com/en/a-wet-look-at-climate-change-ebook This book is about my observations on moisture that has developed into an obsession. This blog is a way of feeding my obsession!

Since 2007 I’ve presented at international conferences and published articles in the area of moisture interactions in materials in the pharmaceutical industry.

Slides of one of my talks at a meeting held by PMBRC at the Waterford Institute of Technology are published online :


somebody took some photos :


That’s me in slide #2 talking with Professor Peter McLaughlin and me giving my talk in slide #18

In support of building Relequa I provide consultancy services in drug Chemistry, Manufacturing and Controls, and Product Development, especially in dealing with moisture issues.