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Blogging around Dungarvan

This week I published a short piece in one of the local newspapers.

Blogging articleDungarvan Leader

My intention in writing the piece is to maybe get people thinking about the benefits to themselves in blogging. Also, to help Sophie, an artist and website designer, in getting her new business going in Ireland.

I’ve put in the full text below and added some images from the Deise Greenway website.

“A few months ago I signed up for a course at the Coláiste Chathail Naofa for setting up your own blog. In the end the course did not run but I persisted and contacted Sophie Cousin who was going to run the course. Sophie is professional web designer and artist and in just a few sessions with Sophie I was up and running with my own blog. Sophie is starting another course (Monday, 1st February) and if you have considered writing a blog, even as a passing thought, I really recommend that you have a go. Sophie will help with all the technical bits and advice on how best to present your blog and makes the whole thing very easy. Have a look at my blog people tell me it has a fresh clean look and that’s thanks to Sophie.

The great thing about blogging is that you don’t worry about grammar and sentence structure and all that stuff that I struggled with at school many years ago. I write what happens to be floating around my head at the time. It’s kind of thinking out loud. Inspiration comes from stuff I see happening around me and, of course, with writing about moisture, the recent atrocious weather has featured a lot!

So, what would you expect to get out of blogging? You may just like writing and a blog site gives you a platform to share this with the world. Recently, I read somewhere or saw someone on TV who said that by writing you learn a lot about yourself. Certainly for me I find memories from my youth just randomly popping up and use these where I can. People living in this area are blessed with a fantastic coastline and mountains as sources of inspiration. My favourite part of Dungarvan town has to be the quay.

Stunning views across Dungarvan Bay on the way to the town centre

Stunning views across Dungarvan Bay on the way to the town centre

I’m really excited by and looking forward to the Clonea to Durrow Greenway opening and cycling along looking for more inspiration. Moisture in the Ballyvoile Tunnel and low lying mist seen from the viaduct perhaps.


The Ballyvoyle Brick-lined tunnel is as fresh as the day it was built

The Ballyvoyle brick-lined tunnel is as fresh as the day it was built


Fantastic scenery from the Durrow 7-arch and Kilmacthomas 8-arch viaductsstone viaducts

Fantastic scenery from the Durrow 7-arch and Kilmacthomas 8-arch stone viaducts










You see, it’s easy. Go on have a go.”


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  1. Sarah

    Thank you publishing this in the Leader. I just signed up, hope it’s a go.

    • PeterMoir

      Starts tomorrow night. I hope you enjoy. It’s great when you get to your first post.

      • Sarah

        I’m hoping the course will run. I’ll ring up the Collaiste later this morning to see if anyone knows about that. I have a blog but have done nothing with it. I really like your site because it’s clean and uncluttered. I would be most grateful if you could tell me what template you used as I have been totally stumped in trying to figure out what to use. The ones I’ve seen are all way to busy and I’m unable to visualize them stripped of their clutter. I’ll understand totally if you don’t share that info, though.

        Your blog has such an interesting slant. We just moved from an old place in the Comeraghs due to rising damp as the winter set in. We’re blow ins and I simply cannot find adequate words to describe the phenomenon or even the run-of-the-mill Irish dampness to the folks back home. It’s probably why god invented lovely cups of tea and warm pubs full of conversation, though.

        • PeterMoir

          Hi Sarah, I got an email from Sophie saying the course starts tonight. Best asking Sophie about you technical questions. I know what you mean about the dampness. In the weeks after my Coughs and Sneezes post I got two other colds and put that down to the damp weather and not really getting a chance to recovery without becoming a hermit.

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