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The Frizzing Humidity

Here’s a problem I do not lose any sleep over, Frizzy Hair! So why am I talking about it? Humidity of course. Somebody tweeted something like “Is this the most amazing product for frizzy hair in high humidity……”  I actually thought it was a joke! Some sort of pretend science marketing ploy. Curiosity got to me and I looked up the “product”, which was not an actual product, but an ingredient with a name abbreviated to OFPMA.…….. Continue reading

Mulching in Moisture

Pile of fresh wood chippings

Pile of fresh wood chippings

Just had a delivery of a load of chippings.

When driving home last week I passed a neighbour’s garden and saw Fergal’s van “Tree Care” outside. Somewhere above me I could hear the sound of a chain saw. Knowing that Fergal would not hear his mobile, or really want to be talking on his phone when hanging off a tree, I sent him a text.  He texted back about half an hour later to say that he’d be around all week and would drop off a load of chippings.  On Saturday I saw a van pulling out of our driveway and thought it was just turning, or had come into the wrong driveway. It wasn’t until the van straightened along the road that I saw it was Fergal and give him a thumbs up. But his delivery of chippings was over two weeks after his text back…… Continue reading

Alzheimer’s claims my mother

I’m not posting an article this week. My mother, 82, died this week. She had become physically weaker and weaker over the past 6 months. After a fall that broke her hip, she became immobile and I think the shock to her already quite frail body was just too much for her. All her life my mum was physically quite strong but she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about 3 years ago. Her memory had been getting noticeably worse for about a couple of years before the diagnosis. Steadily my mum ate less and less, often describing any food put in front of her as “disgusting”. By the time we found a place for her in a care home last year, she was surviving mainly on chocolate.

I have great faith in the progress of molecular and medical science and we will beat this awful disease. Until that day please support in whatever way you can the organisations that give dementia sufferers and their families vital help. I’ve added some links here: Continue reading

Blogging around Dungarvan

This week I published a short piece in one of the local newspapers.

Blogging articleDungarvan Leader

My intention in writing the piece is to maybe get people thinking about the benefits to themselves in blogging. Also, to help Sophie, an artist and website designer, in getting her new business going in Ireland.

I’ve put in the full text below and added some images from the Deise Greenway website. Continue reading

Edinburgh at Christmas

 A visit to the Edinburgh Christmas Market

Christmas time in Edinburgh

Edinburgh Christmas Market

Walking through Edinburgh’s city centre on a Friday evening in December, it sprung into life as the Christmas Market opened. Incredibly busy with people moving from stall to stall and especially busy around my favorite stall selling mulled wine. I took the photo whilst drinking a lovely warm mulled wine and standing at the steps of the top tier of stalls just beside the Scott Monument. So what’s this got to do with moisture, the theme of my blog? Not a lot actually but being back in Edinburgh brings lots of memories of when I used to live there but also reminds me of a comment made by Professor John Sweeney of Maynooth University, Ireland, who was a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and kind enough to review my eBook. John liked my “folksie” style which I really appreciated because that was exactly my intention in hoping to explain the technical aspects of humidity and its implications in an easy to read way. Coming back to John’s comments and the link to Edinburgh you have to first appreciate that there is good humoured rivalry and banter that goes on between Edinburgh and Glasgow people. In a section of my book I wrote about the cold and damp that Edinburgh can experience in winter. I mention that maybe this was in part responsible for me getting sinusitis quite a lot when I was young and so implying that there could be links with humidity and  human health. John’s comment on this was that as a Glaswegian he had no sympathy at all for a man from Edinburgh with sinusitis! Thanks for that John.

I wish all my readers a very Happy Christmas and all the best for the New Year

Welcome to my world of moisture.