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Alzheimer’s claims my mother

I’m not posting an article this week. My mother, 82, died this week. She had become physically weaker and weaker over the past 6 months. After a fall that broke her hip, she became immobile and I think the shock to her already quite frail body was just too much for her. All her life my mum was physically quite strong but she was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s about 3 years ago. Her memory had been getting noticeably worse for about a couple of years before the diagnosis. Steadily my mum ate less and less, often describing any food put in front of her as “disgusting”. By the time we found a place for her in a care home last year, she was surviving mainly on chocolate.

I have great faith in the progress of molecular and medical science and we will beat this awful disease. Until that day please support in whatever way you can the organisations that give dementia sufferers and their families vital help. I’ve added some links here:




Sonas APC, an innovative charity and award winner













A Great Vision


Running Fowl of Moisture


Not always good to be cool, if you’re an egg!


  1. susannah butcher

    Really very sorry to hear about your mother. My mother in law has the same disease and it is heartbreaking to see the changes in her already. I agree that we will find a cure one day – it just cant come too soon!!

    • PeterMoir

      Thanks Susannah. It’s tough for those around a person who is gradually losing any appreciation and realisation of help and support from those that care. We are not alone with nearly 47 million people worldwide living with dementia, multiplied by all their support network. Currently one new dementia case is diagnosed every 3 seconds leading to double the number of people living with dementia in 20 years. As you say, a cure can’t come soon enough.

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